He was hilarious, and more importantly, he brought people in our organization out of their 8-5 face to show a more human face. I know it increased the connectivity within the office. I would highly recommend using Michael if you want to have a great time and learn something, not only about your teammates, but also about yourself.
— Stephen W. Smith | RE/MAX Revolution

Team Building

Say "Yes!"



TEAM YES - Teambuilding Workshop

Say YES to each other. Say YES to yourself. Say YES to creating a team that works WITH each other, not just NEAR each other. Our Team YES workshop is a teambuilding experience that will challenge and empower your team by using the skills that some of the world’s top comedians use to create memorable moments on the spot. Your team will be challenged to break through barriers and embrace challenges that will have you walking away stronger, more confident, and ready to overcome obstacles as a unit.

This workshop focuses on listening and reacting in the moment, brainstorming without limits, stepping into the shoes of clients AND co-workers, and setting each other up for success. You’ll do all of this in a fun atmosphere focused around support, empowerment, and play. The laughs will be as plentiful as the lessons. All you have to do is say YES!


WORK THE ROOM - Effective Networking

Effective networking isn’t an exact science, because no two human beings are the same.  Using the same tools professional comedians use when improvising, we’ll teach you how to read body language, listen actively, and toe the always-moving line between business and social interactions.  

Our Work the Room roleplaying workshop creates an actual networking event, where our instructors play the archetypes of people you’ll encounter in real situations.  After the workshop, we’ll reveal our true identities and go through techniques that you can utilize to make lasting connections.  We’ll celebrate what you are doing right, and provide feedback on how you can improve, with exercises that are fun and playful with real-world applications.  We can talk about networking all day, but there’s no better way to learn than getting on your feet, working the room!


CREATIVITY LAUNCHPAD - Brainstorming Igniter

Our signature Creativity Launchpad workshop is designed to boost your entire team’s imagination and resourcefulness by daring to break through limitations, then take those ideas back down to reality.  You’ll learn to brainstorm as a team, building off of each other in ways that would never be possible without everyone working together.  You’ll be empowered by accepting even the most impossible ideas, seeing them as opportunities, rather than roadblocks.  You’ll learn how to work with challenging clients, allowing their ideas to inspire you.  

The workshop will be engaging and playful, using the same tools that professional comedians use to improvise.  Using “The Power of YES,” your team will leave this workshop inspired to work together, realizing that embracing what everyone brings to the table makes even the most improbable ideas a launchpad to something great!


Boosting sales with improv comedy

Company helps businesses clinch deals by training sellers in wandering off-script Lauren La Rose / The Canadian Press May 11, 2017 05:30 AM TORONTO - Consultant Melissa Madian wanted to help her clients navigate the fast-paced world of sales.