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"Yes!" Training

You Can't Beat A Great Acronym



This creative problem solving workshop uses our unique L.A.S.E.R. (Listen, Adapt, Solve, Examine, Repeat) system to adapt solutions to the problems that you are hearing in the moment.  We’ll teach you the same skills that professional comedians use when improvising.  You’ll be challenged to think on your feet, and listen actively to the problem at-hand, tailoring your responses so that clients and employees feel that they are truly being heard.

Hear and Now! is a workshop based on being in the moment and truly listening, rather than just waiting on your turn to speak.  You’ll focus on anticipating needs, following-through to make sure you truly understand the issue at-hand, and connect with others to get real results.  These workshops have a strong role play element that is designed to be fun, playful, and packed with laughs.  Say YES to listening to each other so that you can make the most impact - here and now!

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