Jamie Campbell is a superb instructor! Over the course of 8 weeks I learned so much and with his guidance and direction I became more confident and a better improviser.
— Ronan Collins | student, KC Improv Company

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No Sweat!

Making Public Speaking

and Presentations Look Easy 



Speaking in front of your peers, superiors, or the public can seem daunting, nerve-wracking, and sometimes terrifying, It doesn’t have to be.  Our No Sweat! signature workshop is centered around time-tested techniques designed to make presentations exciting, engaging, and unforgettable.  By using the same techniques comedians use to make their performances spontaneous, you’ll be challenged to treat your audience as partners in the conversation.  You’ll learn to adapt, go off-script, and tailor your delivery based on the audience’s real-time reaction.  Your presentation will be the framework, but your own knowledge and instincts will be your greatest asset as you learn to actively engage and adapt to make a greater impact.   

You’ll also learn techniques to turn mistakes into opportunities and transform unexpected reactions into compelling discussions.  You’ll be given the tools to turn nervousness into focused energy, and you’ll have a lot of laughs in the process.  Say YES to yourself, and public speaking and presentations will be no sweat!


Let improv help with your next pitch!

Finance New Mexico: Successful elevator pitches are part prep, part improv

Whether it's made on an elevator or on the ground floor, the 30- to 60-second business pitch that's named for the place it's often made should sound unrehearsed and authentic even if it's the product of exhaustive thought and preparation - which it should be.